Grindstone specializes in B2B sales and marketing programs including Appointment Setting, Lead Generation, and direct Telesales. When you hire Grindstone Inc., you are hiring a team of experienced B2B marketing professionals focused on helping you grow your business. Grindstone’s approach integrates talented people, automated lead nurturing, and proper management oversight. A wide variety of programs have been conducted across a broad spectrum of industries since 2003. Client return on investment is the number one priority.

Many Options are available to accommodate specific client needs.

Every program starts with the goal of maintaining a successful partnership with the client. Grindstone conducts marketing programs both nationally and internationally. Whether you are an established fortune 500 company or a small business, Grindstone can help.

An Effective Lead Generation Program:

Watch Grindstone's videoAn automated lead management program is a B2B must-have. The key to automated lead management programs is to capture, manage and measure lead activity to optimize program results. It's not about the software - it is about the programs, process, resources and relevant content you put behind it. Outsource to optimize outcomes and investment, lower cost and free internal resources for other work. Grindstone delivers professional B2B telemarketing services including lead development, appointment setting and direct telesales.
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Why Grindstone?

Our agents and managers are experienced professionals. We provide tactical business development activities for clients with a low cost product or service or clients that provide goods and services that are high value and complex that require more than one call to achieve results. Are your prospects challenging-to-reach Executives? We follow through from lead to close, in order to create and develop customer relationships. Our agents use their personalities to develop rapport. They are specially trained to overcome obstacles between you and the buyers. They stay in touch with existing and likely customers at each segment of the sales cycle.

Our philosophy is to utilize experienced professionals and technology automation working together to maximize results. Our online system can be completely customized for automated lead nurturing and automation activities. We embrace a "multiple touch point" strategy that builds confidence and awareness in your prospective clients. We update your database with email addresses and use digital collateral in our process. We combine this with technology that implements marketing automation with intelligent email and lead nurturing. The days of hard hitting pressure selling are over. Our approach to your market will be consultative, educational, soft selling, and relationship building. It is crucial to establish trust and convey confidence with today’s educated buyer. Each program is managed with the highest level of professionalism.
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