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Quality List Service is essential when building your marketing campaign. When you’re speaking to potential clients directly, it’s critical to have the best possible telemarketing list you can get your hands on. The last thing you need is to be thrown off your game with an inaccurate list that makes a bad impression on your business leads. To make sure you’re on top of your telemarketing strategy, you’ll need to get a high quality accurate list. With over 35 years combined experience and thousands of telemarketing campaigns, we know where to obtain high quality data. A professional list service with Grindstone can compliment our telemarketing campaigns to generate high quality results.

With Grindstone’s list service and partners up-to-date databases, accurate leads and a commitment to sales leads, you’ll never need to worry about your list being outdated or inaccurate. Make the right choice for your phone strategy and get your telemarketing lists from Grindstone, Inc.


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